Monday, March 15, 2010

Public Enemy #1

Mr. Wasp,

I've never liked flying insects that sting. So you've never really been a friend of mine. But yesterday after you stung my baby girl? I wanted to kill you. And I did. I smacked you with a stack of papers and it killed you. To be honest, that just didn't seem good enough. I wanted to slowly torture you. Instant death wasn't punishment enough. Why the heck did you sting my baby? She just wanted to pick you up. She's only 7 months...she learns about things by touching. And tasting. Thank goodness she didn't get you to her mouth! After a dose of Motrin, the swelling in her hand has gone down and she's doing fine. That means I'm feeling much better about the whole thing. I'm calm now and I realize you were just doing your wasp thing. Let's make a deal. You stay out of my house and I won't kill you. But if you ever mess with one of my kids again...I will not hesitate to snuff the life out of you.

Angry Mama Bear

**for the record, I'm not a violent person. I just don't like my babies getting hurt! :)

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Muthering Heights said...

Poor thing!! I'm glad the swelling went down in her hand!