Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Love: Organization

Organizing is one of my most favorite things to do. I love organizing and rearranging and making new systems. The only problem is, I have a tendency to organize something...and then do it again. And again. Rinse and repeat. I've recently rearranged the playroom and now I'm getting the itch to do it again. Actually, I need to re-do it so it'll be more toddler friendly. I want a room where both kids will have access to their toys. Plus, it'll be nice to get some of these toys out of the living room. (Are we the only ones who have toys lined up at every wall?!) I was looking for inspiration and found some fantastic rooms so I thought I'd share. (Now, much of this is "I wish", but some of it can be done with what I have.)

Damask Playroom

Oh my gorgeousness! Love this room. Love the bookshelves. In the spirit of keeping it our house, the books would stay neat like that for all of 4.7 seconds. I love the chests on either side, too. Love that they used fun, bright colors while maintaining a more mature feel.

Dining Room Playroom

I want this room just for the pretty chairs and the pink kitchen!!

Pottery Barn Kids Playroom

I love pretty much anything Pottery Barn but this room is fantastic. It would be perfect for playing...and learning! I have a thing for kid sized table and chairs. So stinkin' cute!

Bright and Cheerful Playroom

Huge, bright and super organized! My kids would destroy it in no time flat! lol

Okay, I'm off here to bag up toys we own but are never played with so they can be donated. Then maybe I'll start on the playroom--I'll post updates and pictures!


Eos Mom said...

THose are all beautiful rooms--and yes my kids would destroy them in no time flat!

Jen @ BigBinder said...

The key thing to remember about these pictures is that there are no actual children in them. Otherwise, they would look like everone else's houses pretty darn quick :)

Amber Dawn said...

Following you from NFF. I think that is so amazing that Jesus is healing your little boy from autism. Go God!! And...side note...those rooms are amazing.

Kim said...

Saw you on New Friend Friday. Amazing colors on the rooms! My son also has autism:)

Donene said...

I love your blogs! I am a new follower! Thanks for your nice comments!

Amy K said...

Those are some great ideas. Would you like to come to Central California and organize my room? It's tiny and it needs to be use for a craft room & office for my photography business.

Josh Healy said...

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Erika said...

Stopping in from NFF! These pictures make me DROOL!!!! I totally have room envy...although it's a good reminder that these pics DON'T have kids in them! ;-)