Sunday, May 19, 2013

90 day challenge update

I haven't completed the challenge yet.  We're on day 63 and I haven't lost as much weight as I'd like but that's because I haven't worked as hard as I should have!  I did great the first 30 days but then I seriously slacked off for the next 30 days.  Regardless, I'm down 10 pounds and I feel much better about myself.  Here's a picture of me and my sweet babies from Mother's Day.  I have so far to go but I have to acknowledge my victories along the way.  I'm wearing shorts again!  I haven't worn shorts in over 5 years. 
On May 4, I participated in the Gritty Goddess 5K obstacle course mud run.  It was so much fun!!  I didn't run it, though.  I walked with a couple of friends.  We had a team called the MOPs Mombies.  We're all MOPs mommas and after I told the story of how Camden called me mombie, we thought that would be a perfect name! 
I loved doing the obstacles and I even had fun getting all muddy.  The obstacles weren't really physically difficult.  There was a bunch of climbing and crawling.  One was very tough, though.  Monkey bars.  About 6 or 7 rungs and if you dropped off, you fell into the water.  I'm so proud to say that I made it all the way across!  It was so hard--it took every bit of strength I could muster.  Anyway, I had such a good time that I've already registered to do it again this September!

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