Friday, May 29, 2009

C is for Camden

I altered a foam letter for miss Camden. I plan on doing one for Cade, too. I think it's so much easier to make things look girly, though.

Today I'm working on a card and gift bag for a friend of mine who's going through chemo. She's 32 and has stage 2 Hodgekin's Lymphoma. We're all very optimistic that she'll be just fine. I'm no longer a Mary Kay consultant and I have lots of leftover products so I thought I'd make her a goodie bag with pampering stuff. So far it's going to have Lotus and Bamboo loofah body cleanser and nourishing body lotion and a Satin Lips set (mask and balm). I'm not sure what else I'll throw in there.

My husband is a lucky man. Seriously. He's out of town on business and stopped into a casino last night. I agreed to him spending $20. (I'm not a gambler--at all--and think it's just ridiculous to lose money.) Anyway, he was there for about 5 hours (on $20!!!) and walked away with $600!!!!!!! Last time he went to a casino he went in with $40 and came out with over $2000. Shoot, maybe I shouldn't have such a problem with him gambling! lol Anyway, he plans on buying a GPS for traveling (I'm wondering if that would be reimbursed under business expenses?) and I plan on going to the scrapbook store! :)

Have a good weekend!


God, My Savior Forever! said...

Thanx for your sweet comment! It's an honor to serve our country! The "C" came out awesome! Pink, black and white are really in. I have to say that the blue or even better...the sky blue (one of my fav colors) that you used just makes it looks fabulous!!! It ties in all the colors! I gree...girly is easier to accomplish. You are very creative! Can't wait to see Cade's letter!:D I need to visit the scrapbooking store too! Have a beautiful friday<3

Hugs, Susan

Monica said...

I love Miss Camdens C it is too cute!
No scrapping for me, Ja has a softball tournament all weekend and it doesnt end until 3am... ugh
So I cleaned house and I think I am going to a Scentsy party in a little bit just to get out of the house ..gotta go drop off my big kid first!
WOhoo Jeff , was he playing POKER? Blackjack , slots?