Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The crafting bug is back...yay! I finished a layout last night and I'm working on another one this morning. I'm also going to alter a letter "C" for the baby today. We've decided to name her Camden Faith and I am completely in love with the name! So we'll have Cade and it! :)

Anyway, here is a layout I finished recently. Horrible picture but I really do like the finished product. I so appreciate my husband. He really works hard to provide for us. And his efforts are being blessed--praise God!

Here are a couple of mini cards that I did...these were so simple and so fun! I can definitely see myself doing more of these. They're perfect little cards to put on the top of gifts.

The baby has hiccups right now and it drives me crazy! She's getting so big. Actually, it's me that's getting so big! lol Here's a picture from 32 weeks.

Time to finish scrapping and take Cade to swimming lessons. He's doing so very well, by the way. I'm seriously impressed with how much progress he's made and his coach is fantastic! Have a blessed Wednesday!


God, My Savior Forever! said...

Hi Kristin! You have a beautiful the colors and all your awesome scrap pages! I also loveeee's therapy for me, very soothing! It actually relaxes me when I feel a little overwhelmed with life. I did homemade Christmas cards this past Christmas and everyone loved them! It was work..I did close to 40 lol but I put lots of love into them and I think everyone noticed:D I also love photography like you...I do more landscape...I love nature! I'm always taking pics though and family and friends know it lol. I'm from Florida so I know what you mean by humidity. We've been stationed (Army) in California for 4 yrs and miss my fam but don't miss the humidity lol. You have a very beautiful gift inside your the name btw! I like unique, not-so-common names! I plan on visiting your blog often! Thanx for sharing ur scrap pages..pretty neat!

Hugs, Susan

Maria said...

Love it when you are crafty my friend , it gets me of fmy hiney and makes me want to create too!
Glad Caders is loving swim lessons :)I cant wait to see Miss Camden , i am sure she will be just gorgeous ...almost time my friend :)

Beachski said...

Wow lady, you're lookin good! Love the name :) She'll be here so soon!