Monday, February 25, 2013

Mosaic Reviews--Blog Planner Review

I'm a little excited about this post.  This is my first review as a team member of Mosaic Reviews!  We were given a choice of ten free blog planners to review.  This was perfect for me because, to be honest, it never crossed my mind to plan out my blog posts!  I know all the big bloggers do it but I'm more of what you call a "random" blogger.  In the past I've gone an entire year without blogging!  I'm a little more consistent now but my posts are still random...I write about whatever I'm thinking of or whatever pictures I'm looking at. ;-)

I chose this planner from The Flourishing Abode.
You know why?  Because it is simple.  It is perfect.  It fits me.  The other blog planners were amazing as well, but this is exactly what I need.  One page encompasses an entire week.  There is a line for each day.  This is where I scheduled a couple of blog post topics according to what we had going on that week.  I kind of rock at fill-in-the-blank forms! haha  

Under the weekly section there are two columns separated into four sections.  Notes, Images to make, Future post ideas, and To do.  I liked these sections because it gave me a place to start.  I was able to focus and plan out what I wanted and what I needed to do.  The very last section is titled "Where to promote."  Lightbulb moment!  If you promote your blog, more people will read your content.  (Like I said, it never occurred to me to plan out my posts, nor to promote my blog at all.  I am a changed woman, though, thanks to this fantastic little planner!)  I searched around and found a couple of interesting linky parties on blogs that I loved...ones that I could contribute to (and my goodness, I sent a lot of time reading!).

Want to know what I liked most about this blog planner?  It is super cute!  And free!  April at The Flourishing Abode shared it because she's just plain awesome!


Peggy Dalley said...

Great Review! It is a very cute planner.

Proverbs 22:6 Academy said...

Nice review. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

momma24 said...

good job!