Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A momma tomato and a kid tomato were walking together down the street. What did the momma tomato say to the kid tomato when he was lagging behind? Ketchup! lol

I haven't posted in forever. Been so busy. Actually, posting and reading other blogs was taking up a big chunk of my time so I had to take a short break to focus on other things. Balance is the main thing I crave in life and balance is the hardest for me to obtain. I tend to get a bit "obsessed" with things. :)

So, last week I really focused on homeschooling with Cade. I found tons of awesome blogs that have activities but they're mainly geared toward preschool age. Cade's 7 and quite bright so I ended up using the hands-on activities but adjusting things so they were more at his level. I bought a white board and would make a list of "lessons and activities" that we were going to do that day and then he could check each one off as we completed them. Great idea--he loved it! And...he loved the fun activities so much that when we were done he wanted to do more. As a matter of fact, he said, "I can do school work forever!" So that kept me very busy. Here are a couple of the blogs I got ideas from: Adventures of a Flake and Hey, I'm Just the Nanny. Cute projects! So Cade's been learning but it takes a lot of time for me to decide what lessons we'll be learning and then plan the actual activities. Then I have to sit and do the projects with him. How wonderful it would be if he could sit and do independent work but that's just not the way he learns. Oh, and I bought these...they're so much fun! Cade loves to make up sentences, they're great for reading and will be perfect when we start working on nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. I highly recommend them!

Second new thing--we got a Wii! Finally. Cade decided he was tired of playing Ratatouille on the PS3 and wanted to play it on the Wii. His dad, who is a total sucker and loves showering Cade with gifts, and who wanted a Wii as well I'm sure, hopped right up, traded in the PS3 at GameStop and came home with a brand new Wii! We have the sports games that came with it but we haven't played them yet. We've been playing Ratatouille. It took me just a bit to get used to the controllers but now I love it! I can't wait to play bowling!

And this is my latest obsession. I never thought I'd hop on the bandwagon for this one because I'm really not that into vampires. I mean, they drink blood. Eww! Saturday, hubby rented Twilight and I watched it. It actually wasn't all that good. Kind of cheesy. But for some reason, it drew me in. I wanted to know more about the characters and more of the story. So Sunday after church we went to Barnes and Noble and I bought the first 2 books. I was finished with the first one on Monday and the 2nd one on Tuesday. Tuesday evening my husband brought home the next 2 books. I'm trying really hard *not* to finish the this book in one day. lol They're not great literary reads but there is something that just sucks you in (no pun intended!) and I cannot put these books down. I've been struggling with completing and entire book for a long time so it's nice to kind of get lost in a book again.

Last, but not least, my friend Monica over at Home is Where Your Heart Is have decided to really start scrapping again. We both used to live in Phoenix and our husbands worked together in the Air Force. Her older son is about a year and a half older than mine and her baby boy will be 5 months older than my baby girl. I miss her! :( She lives in Japan...kind of far. We used to scrapbook together and make altered art together. We would give each other challenges and it was a lot of fun. Anyway, we've decided to start doing challenges again and I'm really excited about it. We have our first one picked out and I'm going to make myself put my book down and work on scrapping today. I'll be sure to post the results soon!

And that's it, I think! Oh, I'll have to take a new belly shot on Friday. I'll be 24 weeks and my belly has gotten big! Miss thang likes to practice her kickboxing in my belly...lots of fun!

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Monica said...

I miss you too friend!
I am almost done with my page and will start on your challenge next!
Go us :)
Can't wait to see the belly !!