Monday, March 9, 2009

Play Ball!

So Bongo, who is actually back to being Cade, by the way, had his first baseball game on Saturday. He's actually playing on the Dream League which is part of Little League but for special needs kids. He's on the Astros (go 'Stros!!) and they gave him a shirt (#3), baseball pants, belt, socks and a hat. He, of course, refused to wear his uniform and ended up being the only kid to play in his regular clothes! lol It was so much fun, though! He has 2 buddies (high school girls that have volunteered) who stay with him throughout the game. So anyway, all the players were announced and lined up on the field for the National Anthem. Seeing my precious son standing there with his hand over his heart just about did me in. I know I'm overly emotional when pregnant but I can't tell you how much I love this little boy of mine. I mean like momma bear love. Fiercely. Game starts and he gets to play shortstop. The first ball is hit right to him so he leans over and scoops it up. Go Cade! Then he just stood there with it in his glove...another little boy ran over and grabbed it from him and tried to tag the runner at first. For the rest of the inning, this is what my guy looked like:

He actually hung out and didn't try to run around the field or anything so I thought that was good! Then it was the Astro's turn to bat. Cade was last in the line-up which means that he automatically gets an in park home run (every player gets to bat and run the bases). So Cade goes up to the plate, bats with the wrong end of the bat, and then runs and picks up the ball! His buddies try to convince him to throw the ball down and run the bases but he insists on kicking the baseball along the base line...all the way around! It took him about 6 minutes to make a homerun. All the parents are cheering and encouraging him the whole time. He finally made it home and everyone was clapping and yelling. He looked right at us and said, "I did it!" Too stinkin' cute, I tell ya!

Second inning (they only play 2 cause it takes about an hour and a half) and
Cade came up to the fence and told us he was done. We went ahead and let him leave early. Next time we'll try to stay for the whole game...and just maybe he'll actually wear his uniform! Here's the sweet sight I got to see as we were leaving the park (bad photo but you get the idea):


Beachski said...

How sweet - I really love that last photo.

Beachski said...

Oh my, you MUST go camping - I bet Bongo (pardon me, Cade) would LOVE it! You know, our state parks have a new program for families that have never been camping, they give you equipment and "training" to introduce you to it all. Check it out: - they're going to be at Huntsville State Park this weekend actually - what a coincidence!

Monica said...

I am sure you are so proud of him for getting out there and giving it a try even if he didn't want to wear the uniform!
Sounds like a fun time and I love the photo of him and Jeff :)