Friday, March 6, 2009


The other day I found a few of my old scrapbook albums and sat down to look at them. The first one I looked at had lots of layouts from when Bongo was a newborn. I of course ooohed and ahhhed and fell in love with him all over again! The next album had a lot of layouts from when we were living in Georgia. We lived there for 2years; Bongo was 2 when we got there and 4 when we left. It was right after I realized he had autism. It was a seriously dark time in my life. I flipped through those pages and looked at the pictures of my beautiful boy who means the world to me and was so *grateful* that I had journaled about what was going on in our life during that time. It's heartbreaking and at the same time it's so awesome to see just how far my son has come! Praise God, Bongo has made so much progress! I also started thinking that I haven't scrapped or journaled in a couple of years. I'm really disappointed that I haven't. I plan on going back through my pictures and trying to catch up a little before the baby comes. I just hope I haven't forgotten too many of the stories that make up our life.

Here are a few of my older layouts (when I get some new ones done, I'll share those). Is he not just the cutest boy ever?!?!


Robin said...

Love your layouts. I on the same page as far as the journaling goes. It is so easy to skip that part, but it means almost as much as the pictures.

Monica said...

Awee mom he has grown up so much since those pages! The Cade I remember :) With the cute chubby rosey cheeks!
I am with you we need to get scrapping and journaling again!
I guess that means we need new supplies too .lol!

Suz said...

Super layouts. I love your titlework