Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Job 8:21

"God will let you laugh again; you'll raise the roof with shouts of joy." Job 8:21 The Message.

I so needed that today. Yesterday was our first day of feeding therapy for my son and it was absolutely heartbreaking. He didn't eat anything. Not a single thing. And instead of being cranky from hunger, he was the sweetest child ever. He kept hugging me and giving me kisses. Tore my heart right out. He fell asleep on his own at 7:00 pm and slept through till 7:00 this morning. I can't tell you how much I cried yesterday. Today, too. Just knowing that my son has got to be starving and knowing that he would eat if only I would give in and give him pizza or chicken nuggets is really hard to handle. I feel like I'm being cruel but really I'm doing this out of love. I want him to have a healthy body. It's my responsibility as a mother to feed him nourishig foods. This morning I offered him eggs, nitrate/nitrite free turkey bacon and grapes. He choked down half of a grape, gagging the whole time. I was so proud of him and did a serious happy dance! This afternoon for lunch we had leftover fried chicken (I know it's not healthy but it was here!), green beans and watermelon. He ate a small piece of the chicken skin that I had peeled off. Yuck! But hey, he chewed and swallowed and didn't gag! He then ate a small chunk of watermelon (which he's eaten before). So I think a little progress was made today. Tonight for dinner we're having herbed chicken, mashed potatoes, peas and strawberries. Please say a prayer for my angel boy, that he is fed, both nutritionally and spiritually. And when he is eating new foods, I can guarantee you that I will be laughing and praising and raising the roof with shouts of joy!

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