Friday, January 16, 2009

Morning Routine

So lately I've had this horrible morning routine of making some breakfast and then sitting in front of the computer to eat. Ugh...sometimes I feel the computer has really sucked the life out of me. Amazing how you can sit and start surfing and reading and before you know it, a couple of hours have passed. So annoying! Last night I was reading a couple of blogs while my husband and son were having father/son rambunctious time and God ended up smacking me in the face with a couple of truths. Oh yeah, I said "smack"! It went something along the lines of this... physically staying at home does not qualify anyone as a homemaker; many women stay at home and yet do not "keep" home. I hear ya loud and clear God!! Isn't funny how He speaks directly to us? There's no denying it. By the way, I found that little tidbit of truth right here: Titus2Talk: Workers at Home Part 2

So then, I continue on and move to this blog entry: Getting Back on Track: The Morning Routine Ohhh, a double smack! lol I know that God doesn't want me zoning in front of the computer every morning. It's a waste of my's a waste of the time God has so graciously blessed me with. I came up with a new morning routine and I'm happy to say that I stuck with it this morning! It's very simple, but simple is what I need right now. Drumroll please....

1. Make breakfast for myself and my son/eat
2. Read and study the Bible/pray
3. Make a daily to-do list
4. Make and give morning supplements to my son
5. Shower/get dressed for the day

And there you have it. I must say, I think I'm starting the day off with more joy just from following the routine this morning. And hey, when I have this down pat, I think I might even start a nightly routine! Baby steps, my friends! ;-)

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