Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My New Love Interest and a Total Money Makeover!

Check out this hot little number (errr...big number, maybe?): I Love This Thing! Oh yeah! We call it the "pillow boat" My son was lying in it and it looked like he was lying in a rowboat. He actually tried to confiscate it from me last night! lol It takes up about half of my queen size bed but let me tell you, it is so worth it. When I'm pregnant and I sleep on my side, my hips start hurting. With this pillow, I can lean back and it gives me the perfect amount of support behind my back so that the pressure is off of my hips but I'm not lying flat on my back. I can't recommend this pillow enough--seriously worth the money!

I had another God "smack" yesterday. Okay, not so much a smack as an, "Alright, I'm giving you this message plain as day. I hope you do something with it," type of thing! Love it when that happens! Anyway, in our past, the husband and I have been less than stellar stewards of our finances. We're working on it now. We're paying for it! Get it? Paying for it? Hee hee...that was my lame attempt at a joke. Ok, on with the story. So, my mother and I were at Mardel yesterday and I noticed that Total Money Makeover was 50% off. It's something that I've been wanting to look into and I thought it was the perfect time to buy it since it was only $12.50. I read a little of it yesterday and purposed in my mind that I would follow Dave's advice. (Side note--my husband and I have decided that the family finances are my responsibility. Basically, he brings in the money and I send it right back out! lol) Later that evening, my husband got a call letting him know that he has been promoted from tech support to a sales position! This means that he'll get a huge annual raise plus commission! Praise God!!!! I am so proud of my husband and I know that he will do an amazing job--he's truly a people person. I'm also thrilled that we'll have extra money to start really focusing on our debts, building a future and giving/helping others! God is so good and faithful! So, you see how it all fits together? It's like the Holy Spirit was nudging me to buy the book and helped me to determine in my heart to be a faithful financial steward. God knew what was coming...He knew that we were about to get a raise and He wants us to be responsible. Seriously love when He works things out for us!

Have a blessed day!

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