Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yummy Yummy Crafty Goodness!

I've never considered myself a creative person. I'm analytical. I like facts. I follow rules. I don't have much of an imagination. That being said...I love to craft! Oh my, I seriously love the feeling of admiring a completed project. Yummers! Yesterday I stumbled across a blog called Just a Girl that I shall now forever stalk! ;) Love this blog--love Chris' wit and especially love her home decor. She has great style and a lot of it is repurposed items so it's frugal, too. Really, go check her out. She'll knock your socks off! Back in November she held an I Can Make That Party where over 100 people shared projects they had made (I think it was pretty much to try to make gifts for Christmas or something). Whatever it was, it was totally inspiring! My crafty juices began flowing so I started creating. Here are a few things I came up with:

I haven't made cards in awhile but I really like the idea of having a bunch on hand. That way I can send a short note to a friend or family member whenever they cross my mind. And cards are easy to make. I have enough scrapbook supplies to open my own store and to be honest, I've scrapped maybe 5 layouts in the past 2 years (why do I keep buying supplies??!) so I might as well use all the pretty paper for something!

I found a plain wooden frame at Michael's for $1 a few months back and finally got around to altering it. I just covered it with paper and added a couple felt flowers and buttons. My mother-in-law looked at it and said, "It's so feminine!" Then I said, "Look here, you old bat! We're about to throw down!" Not really, I didn't say that. But it did kind of cross my mind. ;) I think this picture of my son is just adorable...polka dots and all. Love the smile!

Last one for today. The colors are slightly off. I have 3 of these "birdseed" fabrics by Alexander Henry. I decided to go ahead and stretch it over an 8x8 canvas. I used my trusty glue gun and totally burned my thumb. But it's okay now, just a little pink! Anyway, if this baby is a girl (I find out in 4 1/2 more weeks!!!!!!) then I think I'll hang this canvas on her wall. If it's a boy, well, I guess I'll hang it in my bathroom! lol

Feeding therapy update: After 2 days of my son refusing to eat anything at all (I was only offering new foods and he refused to try any of them), I decided that we'll have to go about this another way. He was so lethargic; it was just heartbreaking. So I fed him the foods that he will eat. And wow, my baby is back! He's loud and rambunctious and full of smiles and laughter again! God is faithful and I know that one day we will overcome this self-limited eating business. I'll just keep praying and believing.

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