Monday, February 16, 2009

Best Toy Ever. (for the moment!)

For Valentines Day, Bongo got this really cool Melissa & Doug Pizza Party toy. He loves this thing and has played with it nonstop. This is what it looks like:

(by the way, i just realized that they have other sets...birthday party, ice cream parlor, slice and bake cookie set, sandwich making set. really neat stuff.)

So Bongo takes custom orders. You get a choice of pepperoni, mushrooms or bell peppers. I personally ask for mushrooms but he always gives me pepperoni for some reason. It's really cute to watch him "cut" the pizza and serve it to us. Then we all have to pretend to eat it. Over and over and over. And over. And over. Just when this game was starting to get a bit old, he came up with a new one. He'll leave the room and his dad will hide the pizza slices. When Bongo comes back in, he has to do a little "retective" work to find the missing pizza. Everyone in the house gets interrogated. We're all asked if we've seen any pizza. Then we have to give clues as to where it could be...without being too obvious about it. And we do this over and over and over. And over. :)

It was such a nice day here yesterday afternoon...sunny and cool, maybe 68 degrees or so. We decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. Bongo wanted to ride his scooter so off he went with dad trailing behind him. They made it around the block and back to the front door. At that point Bongo asked for his wagon. We told him he had the choice of riding his scooter or walking with us (the walk was to spend time together but also to get a bit of family exercise). He promptly sat on the ground and said that his leg hurt. Yeah right! Where in the world did he learn how to tell these little fibs?! Do you think he got his way?

Of course he did! :)


AndreaLeigh said...

wow, that toy is amazing! the attention to detail - look like a real pizza!

Monica said...

Thats really cute mom!
I am sure it will keep him busy for a while!