Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Gratituesday is hosted over at Heavenly Homemakers. This is such a good idea...to recall our blessings!

1. My mom was mugged yesterday. While she was pumping gas. She was standing at the gas pump, pumping gas, and someone came to her car, opened the passenger door and took her wallet that was lying on the seat. Seriously. She didn't see or hear anything. So very scary! No, I'm not grateful for that. I am grateful that guardian angels were watching over her. She wasn't hurt, abducted (which has happened around here recently), or worse.

2. My husband signs the papers this week for his new job. Praise God!!! This will be a substantial increase in pay...his salary will more than double! We can finally get out of debt and begin working on financial freedom. I'm such a Dave Ramsey fan, now!

3. My son is making so much progress! It's hard to condense it down to just a few words, but Bongo is really doing well lately. He enjoys playing with other kids at the park (social delays are very common in autism). As a matter of fact, every time he meets a new kid he says it's his new best friend! He also cracks me up. I mean, this kid is really funny. What a joy and blessing he is. (I know I'm his momma but isn't he just beautiful?!)

4. I'm so grateful that we're going to have another baby! For the longest time I didn't want another. One was fine with me. Now I can't believe I waited this long to have another. I get to hold that snuggley warm baby against me again, and listen to it breathing. Oh my, baby bliss! (ps--only 15 more days til the big ultrasound!)


Simply Sara said...

uh-oh.... just reading you write about having another baby is making me want one too! LOL

Congrats on all the exciting changes happening in your home in the next little bit! New job, new baby- wow!

Monica said...

OMG I freaked when I read your sweet momma got mugged. I thought you were going to say she got knocked down or something ..so scary! Glad she is OK :)
Yay for the new job and I love that pic of the Cadester!