Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things I Love Thursday--Snip-Its

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I love Snip-Its. Snip-Its is my friend. Want to know why? Because cutting my son's hair is like giving a haircut to a wildcat! Ever tried that before? Not fun. But the people at Snip-Its are fantastic. They are so patient and calm and sweet. They're nice to my son (even as he's trying his best to rip the cape thingie off) and they're reassuring to me (even as I'm trying desperately to bribe my son to sit still cause it'll be over in just a minute)!

Not only are the ladies great, it's such a fun atmosphere. There are toys everywhere and the kids get to play a computer game while getting their haircut. And afterward, the kids use their "adventure key" to get a prize, usually a sticker or tatoo. Look how bright and cheery this place is.

So now for the details...they have a VIP program where you pay an annual fee (like $20, I believe). If you do this, you can make appointments and choose a particular stylist if you want. If you're not a VIP, it's walk-in only and you get who you get. Which is not a bad thing. A plain haircut is $17.99. I do have a code you can use to get $5 off (and I'll get $5 off our next visit, as well!). The code is 1470004485 and customer name is Baxter. Once you use this code for a haircut, they give you your own which you can then pass on to other people. Kind of cool!

I'll repeat it again--cutting the hair of a wildcat...not so fun. Having awesome people at Snip-Its do a great job with the hair cut and being super sweet...priceless!


Upstatemomof3 said...

Looks like a cool place. Big Brother likes getting hi haircut so we just go for the super cheap Super Cuts. :)

Ann said...

Sounds fun. We have a family friend that my son knows really well who cuts his hair. He adores her and will actually sit still and behave. Lord only knows what will happen when we move!

Rachel said...

Hi Kristin,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Good luck with making baby food. If your little one is anything like mine sweet potatoes will be a big hit!

Be blessed,

thediaperdiaries said...

My kids are OBSESSED with Snip-Its. They pitch a fit when we try and go anywhere else. Thanks for participating

janetfaye said...

I think it is nice that give you codes to use.

KCShipe said...

Man, we need a Snip Its around here. I remember HOLDING my little brother in my arms while the lady at the local barber shop cut his mop, I mean hair, shorter for my wedding!