Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Son, Bongo

My son has a thing for names. He likes to give people crazy, random names. When he's playing at the park and he makes a friend, he'll give them a new name, usually something like Buzz Lightyear or Meet the Robinsons. I've seriously heard him say, "Hey, Meet the Robinsons, come back here!" to a little boy that he had just met. He also names his family members. In the past, I was named Cain and his dad was Brain. It's always cute at first but it does get a bit old after awhile. I mean, when your kid is yelling across the store, "Brain!" at the top of his lungs instead of "Dad," people stop and stare! lol Anyway, we've all got new names again and he even named himself this time. His name is Bongo. We were at the park the other day and a little girl asked him what his name was. He told her it was Bongo. Then she said, "Mommy, his name is Bongo!" lol Yesterday he told me, "I can be Bongo forever." I'm thinking he'll change his mind on that by the time he's 12. I hope so anyway! I'm Sally, his dad is Mej, Grandma is Mango, great aunt is Monkey (good one!), other Grandma is Geo and Grandpa is Crazy Bamboo. I love Bongo so much--he sure keeps life interesting!

I hope you're all having a blessed Valentines Day filled with love. Bongo gave me a big hug and said, "we love each other!" Heart melting! I gave my husband a new Klean Kanteen. He's buying me a new tire. So romantic! lol


mean mom productions said...

oh what a sweet boy!

russ said...

What's wrong with the old tire? Did it go all heart-shaped? :)

That's cute, "I can be bongo forever." Bongo would be a good nickname for a young boy/young man.

Eugenia said...

LOL! Your son sounds too funny. And hey, I am needin' some new tires myself so that would be a welcome v-day gift! Practical can be romantic too! :)

Monica said...

Oh so cute , that he named himself this time too :)
Hey dont you know TIRES are a girls